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CAMRA is a non-profit organization, and receives no funding from governmental budgets. Although surprising to many, this scenario is standard for SAR teams across the US. So, in addition to training and rescue missions, the team must also turn its attention to fundraising. Technical rescue work requires radios, ropes, medical supplies, vehicles, operating funds, and a wide variety of rescue gear -- for operations from the bottom of a mineshaft to the top of a peak.

Central Arizona Mountain Rescue is supported solely by the community as a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. Please join us in our mission of saving lives by making a donation to Mountain Rescue.


Community Events

Each year CAMRA helps to organize and provide trail safety support for the Phoenix Seven Summit Challenge run by the City of Phoenix Parks Department. The event is a great way to ensure we all keep the Phoenix mountain parks free and open for everyone to enjoy. We raise funds during the Challenge with a raffle that has amazing prizes donated by many local companies. Come out each year and join us for this amazing cause.


Another way CAMRA volunteers the services of its highly trained technical members is at the annual Grand Canyon Clean-up event. Every year, the Arizona Mountaineering Club hosts many rescue organizations from around the state, including CAMRA, to clean up the litter from high traffic areas around the rim of the Grand Canyon. In doing so, we help protect wildlife from eating dangerous trash as well as educate visitors about proper trail etiquette and general outdoor safety. We believe the best rescue is the one we prevented in the first place.

How do I donate?

Donations can be made by check, payable to:


P.O. Box 26478

Phoenix, AZ 85068-6478


Or, click the donate button to make a quick and secure donation.

501(c)(3) Tax ID: 23-7067397

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