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Fields of Operation


Lost and Found

Reduced to the simplest terms, three elements will influence the success of a search. One is the resources: the right people, equipment, and other resources (dogs, trackers, aircraft, etc.). A second element is strategy & tactics: the way in which the resources are used. The third, and most critical, is the function of management.

The objective of a search mission is to find the lost person in the best possible condition. To this end, Mountain Rescue maintains well-trained resources, combined with good strategy and tactics, led by solid search-mission management under the MCSO SAR coordinators.

Complex Rescue Scenarios

Mountain Rescue teams such as ours are unique in the SAR field in that we can operate anywhere, anytime, in any weather, and for extended operational periods. The more remote the location, the more difficult the circumstances -- the more likely we will be the SAR team of choice.

The result: Mountain Rescue has rescued thousands of people and saved hundreds of lives since its inception in 1969.

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