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Fields of Operation


High-Angle Technical Rope Rescue

The goal of any rescue is to extricate, treat, and transport the subject in a safe, expedient manner. High-angle scenarios add incredible complexity to these tasks. The vertical realm follows one law, a law that is non-biased, a law that is always enforced -- the law of gravity.

High-Angle Rope Rescue is a particular specialty of our Mountain Rescue team. As climbers and mountaineers, the team is intimately familiar with the vertical environment, and as technical rescuers, we are well-trained in incident assessment, equipment use, and rigging rescue systems.

Pets and Livestock

In collaboration with the Arizona Humane Society and other agencies, Mountain Rescue will perform technical rescues of animals when the hazards to the rescuers can be safely mitigated. The Team is available to respond to situations anywhere, anytime when an animal becomes trapped and is unable to extricate themselves and needs human intervention. Generally, time and technique can make the difference of life or death for an animal in jeopardy.

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