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Fields of Operation


Helicopters in Search and Rescue

Nothing has changed search and rescue work more dramatically than the development and refinement of helicopters. Simply put, helicopters have become a vital component in search and rescue operations.

Helicopters are often used in rescue situations, whereby a victim can be extricated by a number of methods. Helicopters can also be used to assist in logistical support by transporting rescuers and/or their gear. This can be especially helpful in reducing time spent and fatigue levels of rescuers.

Finally, and perhaps most important, helicopters can be used to evacuate and transport injured victims to a local hospital.

HERT (Helicopter Emergency Response Team)

"Fox 1" (Bell 429)

"Fox 2" (Bell 407)

Our advanced members assist the MCSO aviation division rescue helicopter as a Rescue Technician. Fox 1 and Fox 2 are based near Deer Valley Airport and are External Load capable of human loads as well as initial attack wildland fire bucket drops. Supplementing the MCSO Pilot and the MCSO Flight Technician, the orange flight suit you see on Fox 1 is our Mountain Rescue Crew Chief/Heli-Rescuer, qualified on NVGs and FLIR, in addition to the core competencies of Rotary Winged and Ground-based Search, Survival, Rope Rescue, Flood and Water Rescue, Cave and Mine Rescue, Wildland Fire SAR, Alpine and Higher Altitude SAR, Animal SAR, and Wilderness EMS.

Mountain Rescue Aviation

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our rescue capabilities in our mission to save lives. One of the ways we have chosen to do this is to work with aviation capable posse members. Since its inception, the team has added 3 pilots to its roster.

Mustang 1 (Bell 407)

Pilot-in-Command Doug Fulton and Copilot Jeff Nadreau fly "Mustang 1" which maintains parallel and joint training to Fox 1, backs up Fox 1 as a second search, rescue, and external load capable aircraft. HERT qualified members provide the Flight Technician and /or Crew Chief. Mustang 1 can be specially called outside the city or state with a full crew and gear. Mustang 1 is based near Chandler-Mesa.

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