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Middle of Nowhere, Middle of the Night, Middle of a Storm

Mountain Rescue is called upon to perform search and rescue missions in the Arizona backcountry some of the most rugged terrain on the planet. Temperature extremes, expansive wilderness, and unforgiving topography are the hallmarks of the MCSO-MR mission load. Complex Rescue Scenarios Unlike other search and rescue groups, Mountain Rescue operates anywhere, anytime, in any weather. The more remote the location, the more difficult the circumstances -- the more likely MCSO-MR will be the SAR team of choice. The result: Mountain Rescue has rescued thousands of people and saved hundreds of lives since its inception in 1969.

Qualified, Equipped, and Standing By

MCSO-MR specializes in technical rescue operations. The team is qualified, equipped, and on constant stand-by for:

  • High-Angle Rope Rescue (Technical Rock)

  • Helicopter Search & Rescue Swiftwater Rescue Underground Rescue (Cave & Mine)

  • Alpine Search & Rescue

  • Wilderness Emergency

  • Medical

  • Animal Rescue

  • Wildland Fire Rescue

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