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Recruitment is ongoing.


Please attend one of our monthly team meetings to find out more about joining our team and other opportunities to participate in recruitment.


Monthly Meeting Details:


Time: First Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm UPDATE: In-person team meetings have resumed.

Place: North Mountain Visitor Center

           12950 N 7th Street

           Phoenix, AZ 85029

Please click the button below to receive an information packet with details about our onboarding process.

"A Strong Team Made of Strong Individuals"

Volunteer personnel perform 99% of all Search & Rescue in the United States. Our team members are climbers, cavers, mountaineers, and general backcountry adventurers who have answered the call to serve. Many have extensive military backgrounds, and the team also includes police officers, firefighters, engineers, guides, lawyers, paramedics, and physicians. Each team member maintains the fitness, skills, personal gear, and stamina to perform a continuous 36-hour shift in the backcountry.

Watch the videos in the playlist below to get a taste of what we do:

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