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USGS Topographic Maps

This is the USGS and you can either order a printed map, or download the maps you want and have a local printer make a paper map for you.  If you are or know an engineer, architect or surveyor they usually have access to the large plotters needed to make these copies.  If you're dealing with a commercial printer make sure they do not change the scaling, squeezing or enlarging the map on the paper, always check with your UTM reader that the grids are the correct size.


A commercial site, but if you want to create your own maps with a variety of different overlay options this is where we point you.  You are in control of the information on the map and can customize the boundaries if you want to make a map that covers parts of different USGS topos, again make sure you're working in 1:24000.  You will need to download your creation and get it printed, but by keeping the scaling correct you can get maps on any size paper you want.


Custom Topo maps made to order, just not as much variety to select from as Caltopo. One real advantage to Mytopo is you can select from different eras of map making. It offers a selection including Historic, Classic, and US topo maps. I usually order from Mytopo and get the Classic, I find the lines are more defined although the roads and building information is not as current. It too allows you to rearrange the map edges to customize a map to the area you will be in. - Roger

NMVC Navigation Course

Maps and coordinates for North Mountain Visitor Center

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