Fields of Operation



Wildland Fire and NIMS-Type Rescue Unit

Mountain Rescue maintains federally Red Carded personnel for search, rescue, and recovery from burning or burned wildland fires, and prescribed burns. These personnel are also trained and available for other EMAC and federal-type operations requiring a carded rescue team. Mountain Rescue's Wildland Fire typing exceeds NIMS and FEMA resource typing and credentialing.


Each Member is, at Minimum


  • Firefighter Type 2

  • EMT Basic with Wilderness EMS qualifications (up to physician) Helicopter Crew Member (Bell 206, 407, et al) Helispot Manager Helicopter Rappel, Short Haul-Long Line, Cargo Letdown, Spotter, Bambi Bucket Ops

  • MRA Qualified Mountain SAR Technician (Wilderness Search, Rope Rescue, Alpine Rescue)

  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician

  • Cave and Abandoned Mine Rescue Technician (Gas monitoring, underground Communications, etc.)


Additional Options Include Members Who Are Also Qualified As


  • Bell 407, Human External Load aircraft and pilot

  • Helicopter FLIR, NVG

  • Medical Unit Leader

  • SAR Overhead positions

  • SAR Helicopter management positions